What is neuromarketing?

Neuromarketing studies the reactions of the brain to certain stimuli. In other words, it consists of trying to “read the mind” of the consumer. Its main objective is to know the levels of attention that people show to different stimuli.

Let’s see a small example from the perspective of the consumer, it is likely that in more than one occasion you have bought something, then if you think about it there is no very reasonable and logical explanation, right ?, I believe that we have all had some time. The reason is that purchases have a great emotional motivation, and these emotional stimuli cause us to make totally unconscious purchasing decisions. It is at this point, where brands try to sell more thanks to neuromarketing.

But you will ask, what is neuromarketing really good for? Here are some brief characteristics:

  • Act on the emotional experience and the memory.
  • Experiment with the product / service / brand through the 5 senses.
  • Increase the customer experience and the option to buy, placing images and outstanding products, in addition to favoring it with the appropriate colors.
  • Know the needs and expectations of the client, to forge an emotional bond.

We must not forget that those users who feel identified and linked to a brand, go from being consumers to prescribers of the same.

Remarkable factors such as the smell, music, images or colors that characterize a company are essential to seduce the consumer and are directly related to neuromarketing.

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