What is a Hybrid Mobile App?

Nowadays, talks about hybrid mobile applications when it comes to having an app, and it is that they are the most used in the development of them, but what is a hybrid mobile application?

Well, let’s go! To begin, we explain that hybrid applications are mobile applications designed in a web program language, whether HTML5, CSS or JavaScript, with a framework (working environment), which allows you to adapt the web view to any view of a mobile device.

In other words, they are nothing more than an application built to be used or implemented in different mobile operating systems, such as iOS, Android or Windows Phone, thus avoiding the task of creating a specialist application for each operating system . In this way, a hybrid application can be adapted to multiple mobile platforms without creating new codes.

But, why develop a project in a hybrid application? Here we leave some of its advantages:
1. Its creation is much simpler and cheaper.
2. The base code with which the app is created can be used on different platforms.
3. Versatility when exporting applications to different platforms.
4. Maintenance is less complicated than native.
5. It allows the reuse codes, so it saves working time and it is easier to have a functional application in less time.

The final result offered by a development using hybrid technologies is a native application published in the Play Store, Apple Store or Windows Store. The main difference lies in the technologies used to make it and the performance they can offer when there is high demand.

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