Welcome to the BlueBottleBiz courses

BluebottleBiz has implemented a new function in its platform in which it offers  courses (in Spanish or English) from different providers and the possibility of purchasing access to those courses individually or through a predefined plan to companies (Plan 200).

It is an independent platform of business courses that helps companies to provide better learning at a lower cost.


The way to access them is simple, you  get into the course you want, pay for it, and you will automatically be given credentials to access it.

The form of payment is through two plans that turn out to be very competitive:

  • Single course: If you are clear about the course you want to do, what are you waiting for? I’s time to start with that course.
  • Plan 200: In which you pay € 199, and only with a one transaction,  automatically you enroll in all courses. It’s time to start the courses you want / need at any time!


You don’t have excuses to achieve your goals!

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