Traditional Marketing bugs-part 2

At the last post, we started to talk about bugs. And just to remember very fast we said that a bug is a mistake, error or flaw on the software and hardware, known in the IT world.

Therefore we started to talk about the most common bugs that we can identify in traditional marketing. But that’s when we realize that it was a humongous article. That’s why we decided to made “the bugs saga”, to make it as pleasant as possible.

So let’s continue where we left it, the last one we commented was the distribution mistakes. But in chase you need to refresh your memory, you can click right here. And now we’re going to tell you the next five bugs in traditional marketing:

  • Wrong product: The risk of launching the wrong product to the market is something that entrepreneurs assume as a possibility. Exclusivity characteristics of the product, or the “woow” effect, make the difference for a product. And this can be a key point to succeed, however, you can always find problems in the specific market you are trying to reach for. Therefore is indispensable to be able to recognize this mistake. Also to be able to see that not always the product is not going to work in a market that we thought at the beginning.


  • Bad customer service: A good relationship with the client is imperative. It can also be treated as a characteristic or bonus of your service or your product which is a different factor for a Pyme or Startup. However, is this kind of things, or services. Attention to detail is what new business and Startups do very wrong. It can be related that a Startup is not ready, maybe it doesn’t have the resources for a proper customer service. And also we can say as well that the client is not always right, but the good communication with them, as well as the way you’re going to solve the client problem is going to be a factor why that client remember your brand.


  • Focus on a “star client”: The dependence on a client or two is a very big problem, and a mistake that is very common in Startups and Pymes. Is as simple as to know that if that client fails, or change to a different company. Or even if this client doesn’t needs you as often for your services or product, your business could collapse. Although sometimes is necessary for a business to turn into this, to give a certain continuation, but something that you can do to prevent this scenario is to made some outsourcing in certain areas were you’re specialize, or to offer your services. In that way you will not have too much to risk.


  • Supplier problems: A good relationship with your suppliers is another key point for a new business. Obviously, your business needs this service, or work that the supplier is providing you. Also, as a bonus for you, this company would be able to teach you a lot of things from the market you’re reaching for, because they have more experience than you.


  • Wrong audience: A bad perspective of the audience can be catastrophic. A bug very common to do, when you make a bad market survey, or even worse when you don’t even make one.

With all this we finish the second part of more common bugs in the traditional marketing, but later on we will publish a post of bugs of Marketing Online, that you can’t miss!

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