Traditional Marketing Bugs- part 1

What does “Bug” means?
In IT world, a bug is known for being a mistake, error or flaw on the software and hardware. This provoques to the program that doesn’t work correctly. Often bugs are caused by conflicts of the software per se when the application tries to work on tandem.

What bugs are the most common in the traditional marketing?
In traditional marketing, we can find different king of bugs or mistakes. We are going to mention all of them and why there are bugs that you need to take in consideration so your business doesn’t suffer.

  • Believe that “if the product or service is alright will sell by itself”: Excessive confidence in the product is a problem! To think that something is going to have a good welcome on the market by itself, like it’s going to sell by itself is unrealistic. Or to think that you’re not going to have to work on a campaign to launch it, is a very common bug. Be due to a bad communication on the product, also sometimes the person in charge does not have to correct experience or education to guide the campaign. And this are just a couple of scenarios that can accord, see, you can have the best idea in the world, but if you don’t know how to sell it, or you don’t have a good team behind the work, your fantastic idea will not succeed.


  • A bad design on your Marketing Plan: This is a crucial point, together with your business plan. This is a determinant point for your business, not only because you have to anticipate possible errors, mistakes or complications, but to be prepare. Only because perfect business do not exit. And you are going to fail, fall and make mistakes! A Marketing plan that has not the proper fit to the market you’re moving in, or trying to get into too many aspects is a sign of not good reflexion of the company per se.


  • To sell with the wrong price: This is a terrifying battle that all entrepreneurs have to face. Sometimes to the lack of knowledge, or because we feel frightened by the competition, we don’t give to our work, or even the production of that work the correct value. Not only is important to the balance between quality- price of your product or service but also to have in consideration the “time factor”. You need to answer yourself this questions: How long it takes you to complete the product, or your work? How do you charge by hour?, or even how much effort do you put on the work? Another big and common mistake is to think that you need to be competitive on the price range to attract your client. But this can create the opposite scenario. The client can think that because the price range is too low, that your product has not quality which it can transmit to the client like “is not a good product”, therefore you would have to “justify” your value.


  • To head for the product before the market: Often when we prepare a business plan, we make the mistake of making it just focusing at the actual moment, with the circumstances of the present time. Otherwise you cannot forget that the market and the business keeps changing. The market has a massive rotation of products, and you need to keep all this in mind. Remember that the original idea it doesn’t have to match with what the company transform into. As long as you aloud the company to evolve, it will permit you to diversify.


  • Distribution mistakes: Another very common flaw, is the wrong distribution of your product in a new market. A mistake of calculation can provoke a lost opportunity for your business. As well as f your product is very attractive, but is not well plan the distribution of the product, a bigger company ca come and copy your original product. This is why a good plan of distribution will give you the chance to anticipate, and in this way, not to take others advantage of the demand that you have created with your product.

Up to here is the first part of tips for you about the os common “bugs” in traditional marketing. You can find the rest of them in our next post!.

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