Tools to create a business model canvas

We are used to the fact that from one idea can escalate in different business models, or even the same model with a ton of variety. Unfortunately, not everyone tells you the right way to not only create this models, but in fact made them a complete success.

Inside any idea, is necessary to define role play clearly and the interactuation between them so the hole team can have a clear idea of the business plan.

In this sense, Alex Osterwalder, he creates the Business Model Canvas; you can document it in a easy and visual way, the business of the product, as well as a flexibility to change. Something that is essential to keep the theory of Lean model canvas

There are out there tons of articles, posts or comments about how to complete a BMC, but at the end, all of them are based in the basics that Alex define in his book (obligatory lecture)  “Generación de modelos de negocio“.

As a startup business, Kubide, almost force to out clients to put this on a good practice with our help, to create a good BMC of the project as a start, before the developing part kick in. Having this way all the ideas very clearer as well as all the key points of the product.

At the end, all this has given us a big knowledge of the different tools that are out there in the market, so here now we will give you the most relevant ones:

The model on paper

In our office, we count always with a BMC and a lot of post-it near us, son we can all collectively can write the canvas as a team. When we work in a new project, the first thing we do is to help to create the canvas. All together and trying different ways to do it, but we always come back to the traditional. Beside the facto of being more visual and flexible of all.

Template of Google Docs

This one is the more popular and used tool. Its also to start a BMC the most shared for everyone. Here we share with you our personal one as an example, that you only will have to copy on your Google Drive.

Business Model Toolbox

This App web was designed by Alex Osterwalder team to create the BMC. In this chase, we don’t have a simple template, instead it has an incredible variety of tools that will help you to conquer the design and validate your business canvas.

You have the model tool available in web with a $29,99 monthly for project, as well as the iPad for $29,99.

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