Storytelling, the best story to communicate

The storytelling is the new marketing that more brands are using, which depend on people, not on budgets . That is, knowing more our users through the emotional connection telling a story.

The main objective of storytelling and the reason why brands decide to offer this type of communication is because it approaches people through trust.

We love the stories, and we spent the day counting on everyday situations like that moment when you call your mother to tell her the story of that person you met on a trip to Paris.

And is that, when you are telling stories, you are entertaining other people, and in many cases, own experiences, make other people change their opinion about something.

To create a good story, we must take into account the following elements:

  1. Know your user, since he is really the protagonist of your story. So we must know who he is and what he needs on our part.
  2. Define the panorama of story, that is, what benefit or result would you like to offer? The framework of the story has to connect with the consumer, it must be something that the person is imagining or wishing.
  3. There must be a moral of the story.
  4. It has to have emotion, it is much easier to connect with the user when you have problems and how you have overcome the obstacles to reach the objectives, than contrary.

It is about giving a return to the way of communicating, to be closer and teach the identity and the values ​​of a brand through the person who form: the people.

The fact of humanizing companies is undoubtedly one of the best marketing strategies that can be used in any sector.

What’s your story?

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