SinFaltas: Helping to reach a well-written world,

One of our latest projects, but also one of this kind of ideas that make us so happy is SinFaltas (without typos), a suite of tools to help the world to write well.

Juan and Josema, the team behind Sinfaltas, come us with a wired Startup case; they obtain the community without a project, just helping others to resolve their doubts! Whatever better way to validate an idea?

So, we start to work immediately with this awesome team joining as CTO interim to help with the conceptualization of their first big project.

But, as soon as we start to work together, we decide to make a breath with the main project and start “cleaning the house”. Helping to define, clean and review the current project structure.

On this first stage of our relationship, we work to define each area of work of Sinfaltas, and we find three natural areas inside the full project that will help the team to increase the branch.

  • Our tests: A full set of exams to know your expertise with the Spanish Language.
  • The urban dictionary: Every day you see new words that come and others that go out, here we can try to show you what means and stay informed about new words.
  • The forum: Our Stack-overflow of the grammar. Have you a question? Please add a new comment and experts will reply you asap. For sure, you will vote for the best answer. No more doubts without reply!


To do it, we work with three tools that let us validate each progress without significant tech efforts.

  • The site, based on WordPress. Here we only review the current theme, with our design team, define some changes to improve the quality and usability of the full site. In the other side, the dev team does an internal review of it, making changes and adding new features.
  • The forum, based on NodeBB, an amazing Open Source product that gives us all the power of a Q/A system based on NodeJS.
  • The exams, based on Typeform. This Spanish unicorn Startup that lets us make all we need on our exams easily, and also beautifully, what better!?

But this is just the beginning of our relationship with Sinfaltas, and now, we’re working on the best next step, stay tuned!


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