Online Marketing Bugs- Part 2

On previous articles, we mentioned the meaning of “bugs”. As we know by now, a bug is used in the IT world, to define a mistake or a fault in the system, making the program failing. And so we started to talked about the first four bugs you can have in your marketing online. Therefore, we continue with “the bugs saga” with the next four more common mistakes.

So let’s continue, we left it at “obsession with press release”, but in chase you missed it you can take a look here:

  • Waste on PPC publicity: PPC=pay-per-click, can be expensive and and tumbledown your business, if you don’t have a good strategy! Remember always to use a good segmentation. As well as your keyword research, because this two are essentials! On the other side, you have to take in consideration that if you invest in Adwords, or any other type of publicity, you don’t see results immediately.


  • Invest on a mobile APP without a good plan: let us start saying that a well done APP can provide your business with an certain level of quality, or prestigious for your company. Unfortunately is not a cheap development, and not all kind of businesses or companies need this type of tool. As well as a market full of APPs. That’s why you’re going to need a good strategy and promotion for that APP if you decided is the turn you need for your company.


  • Re-design excessively: t’s not a good look for your online traffic have too many changes. Neither the website, image, logo, colors ecc. You have to aloud your client to get used to your image, or the features of your platform. Remember in general standard human being doesn’t enjoy changes, or things that doesn’t understand. So, in order to make changes, you should start making tests A/B. Witch will aloud you to discover what type of changes your users will actually accept.


  • Way too many Social Media: It is essential to invest time and money on your social medial. Eitherway, you have to know you objective public, as well as the market you’re dealing with. That’s why it’s so important to select which social media are more important for your business.

So that’s all for this posts of bugs in marketing online. Although you can find all bugs of traditional marketing in our blog, so go and take a look!

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