Online Marketing Bugs-part 1

At the IT world, a bug is known for being a mistake, error or flaw on the software and hardware. This provoques to the program that doesn’t work correctly. Often bugs are caused by conflicts of the software per se when the application tries to work on tandem.

What about the Online Marketing bugs?
We know that one of the principal characteristics of Online Marketing, is how fast it change and develop. It’s a department that doesn’t stay still, it changes, varies, and progress everyday more. This is the reason why you have to be always inform of the latest trends, news. As well as the latest tools of market to help you automatize the work, as well as create new strategies.

But let’s talk about the mistakes that business do. On marketing online we find this four most common bugs/mistakes (stay toon for part two of digital marketing):

    • Too much content on your blog: To publish something “just because”, is never a good option. Obviously, you need to have an studied strategy for publishing your content. Therefore, you need to do it with recurring, that way is going to last in time. Quality is on top of quantity. You need to take it in consideration!


    • Repeat constantly the same offer: Another very common mistake (very related to e-commerce market). It consist on repeat constantly the same offers or promotions that it might worked on the past. Doing the same actions all the time, you might have a brief success. But you don’t provide nothing new to your client, or consumer. As well as giving the same offer to a new client, that the client that has been there since the beginning. Because rewarding the loyalty of your clients should be different. and more personal for the second one. You have to be fresh, bring new things, to be able to maintain the client’s engagement with your business.


    • Excess of analytics and reports: You don’t have to just do it “just because”, or even report everything. No, you need to have your key goals, you would need to extract the information more relevant based on you target, to be able to make the best decisions or changes if apply.


    • Obsession with press release: You need to have in consideration every single day there are generated millions of press and internet release. This means that the press notes needs to have that “woow” factor, or have any repercussion. That way, you might have more chances to be published. Otherwise, you can always hire a company specialized in those services PR plans. That way you can save time to focus on a different aspect of your business.


To conclude, one last thing. You should always have in mind this bugs, in that way you could be prepared to not suffer them on your Startup/business. And if you’re not prepared to confront those problems, you should always find a dealer that can handle it!

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