Lingbe  is the first Spanish App dedicated to connect people with different backgrounds and languages and around the world. The final object of this app is to learn new languages by a simple, and easy phone call.

From Kubide’s perspective we though from the beginning that was a fenomenal, attractive and innovational idea. Therefore, is a system that adapts to the users needs as well as the vision Lingbe’s team had for the business. Those reasons made us work very easily and close to the entrepreneur, giving a very fresh and different vision to the project.

The results were magnificent, we design an intuitive App full of possibilities. As an example, you are able to create interactions to have private conversations. Another quality of Lingbe is, the possibility earn rewards (Lingos). By this, the users are able to earn “lingos”, witch means, that you can have more time to practice the language that you desire, being able to reach different levels. Due to this, Lingbe allows you to track your progress, after every interaction you will receive a feedback about the level of grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. In that way you will be able to grow and reach new goals to dominate  any language.

In conclusion, Lingbe is an easy peasy App that you can download for free, and connect with anybody around the world!


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