Get the currencies for your next trip

Surely, on more than one occasion it has happened to you that you returned from your holidays and you have different currencies, and there comes the question … What do I do with those remaining coins? go to the bank to make the change? Well, today we bring the solution, it is one of our latest projects, Diswap.

The definition would be that Diswap is an application that allows to you exchange currencies in a simple way, in which the user can offer or find currencies depends on their need.

Ok … i understood. But how does it work?

  • So, if you have returned from holidays and you are the person who wants to offer currencies, you must publish an offer in which you establish the amount you have and the type of currency that you have, and automatically the application shows the equivalent in euros.
  • In the case that you need currencies, you have a search engine that locates your current position and shows you all the offers that you have available around you.

At the moment in which a user is interested in the offer of another, the platform create a chat between them that they can reach an agreement and close the transaction.

In addition, each user has a private area to manage published offers and chats with other users.
It is currently available for exchanges of Dollar and Pound to Euro, but in the coming months it will be extended to more currencies.

About the technological part, we have chosen to use the WordPress CMS to facilitate the management of content and the configuration of a template to adapt it to the basic needs of the product and add extra functionalities required for the MVP.

Forget about losing your time to find the best place to change the money you need. In only 3 steps you’ve got it all done and… travel!

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