Time flexibility and teleworking

We are a company that offers telecommuting and flexible hours to our employees, because we believe in remote work and that working from home, is more concentrated and at the same time its more intense, because dont have interruptions. Thanks to this culture of flexibility, we have lower rates of voluntary movement of employees, which means that offering alternatives of labor flexibility helps to conserve personnel and talent.

In addition, we consider that the most important thing is to meet the objectives either in the office or at home and not “warm the chair”, something that at first sight seems to be that we all agree, but that few companies even use it , and if they do, they are with the fly behind the ear because they dont trust the employees.

The possibility that the working day is adapted to the workers and their needs both professional and personal, and that these can be organized and decide their schedules of entry and exit, has numerous advantages for both the worker and the company, for example:
– Improves the work environment and the satisfaction of employees.
– Reduces work absenteeism
– Thanks to this flexibility, the productivity and enthusiasm are increased.
– Encourages and facilitates working life with their family.
– Time flexibility measure as a motivation tool.
– Substantially improves motivation and business welfare.

At Kubide, we are aware that thanks to this motivating tool, such as teleworking, our employees work more efficiently and wellness emerges, something we consider essential for employees to feel good and help them to reconcile all their tasks both professional and personal.

The main objective is to work in the most efficient way possible to obtain the best results, without fixed schedules or fixed places.

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