Conceptualize your Startup = Internalise + Preview + Strategy

Since Kubide was born and since we had our first client, we always had pretty clear that every project needs a “stage 0”, a period of time, not included on the scheduled, that we used to understand the project by itself, making it ours. In that way we are able to create the bases to develop the product.

Some companies treat this “stage 0” as we call it “toma de contacto”, witch means a requirement contact. Other ones, they consider it as a UX creation, inclusive as a design stage. But we are not a company like everybody else, so we named this part of the process as a “internalise the product”.

We don’t want to be another web development company, we want to be the technological partners of our projects. We want to help the client to transform his idea in a true Startup. And this way of work is only possible if we become a part of the project.

[Tweet “We want to help you to transform your idea into a true successful startup, all this is possible if we become part of the project”]

for all this, our work of internalise the idea is essential, and to us is the most important stage of the development because:

  • We don’t know how to develop a project we don’t believe in, we need to make the project ours until the point of believe in the project, as well as the entrepreneur, and trust until the point of join the project. Internilise the idea in Kubide’s DNA.
  • Seems that join the project helps us to have a correct vision of the idea, how we would visualise it, witch structure could have, how we would make it better. As well as seen and understand the potencial user (or the final client), or even how the entrepreneur will find the money of investment.

So that’s it, if you have a good idea, and you want to transformo into a project or product, count on us!

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