Traditional Marketing Bugs- part 1

What does “Bug” means? In IT world, a bug is known for being a mistake, error or flaw on the software and hardware. This provoques to the program that doesn’t work correctly. Often bugs are caused by conflicts of the software per se when the application tries to work on tandem. What bugs are the […]

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Time flexibility and teleworking

We are a company that offers telecommuting and flexible hours to our employees, because we believe in remote work and that working from home, is more concentrated and at the same time its more intense, because dont have interruptions. Thanks to this culture of flexibility, we have lower rates of voluntary movement of employees, which […]

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Welcome to the blockchain and development group

On January 7 of this same year, we was created a new channel on Telegram called Blockchain Developers, it’s a channel in which there is already a community of more than 400 members and which is focused on only in solidity and is purely techie. Now, have many blockchain channels for developers, but don’t resembles […]

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Storytelling, the best story to communicate

The storytelling is the new marketing that more brands are using, which depend on people, not on budgets . That is, knowing more our users through the emotional connection telling a story. The main objective of storytelling and the reason why brands decide to offer this type of communication is because it approaches people through […]

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The GDPR horror

Last 25th of May (obviously of 2018) Europe collapse! Ok it’s not as dramatic as it sounds, but almost! It reminds me to the “The war of the Worlds”, Europe got paralyze with terrorific idea of the new changes of the law for the protection of the general data regulation strictly from Bushels. And all […]

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Cryptocurrency, tokens and protocol

Since a lot of time talk about cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Etherium, but the “boom” has been relatively recent, but … do you know what they are and what they imply? Well, let’s review the most important things that a cryptocurrency, a token and protocols entail. What is a cryptocurrency? The cryptocurrency is a digital currency, […]

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We are pleased to be part of the group of entrepreneurs, companies, and experts in blockchain that forms AETOK, in which its main objective is to promote the creation of projects financed through cryptocurrencies. The blockchain technology is evolving at an accelerated pace and one of the applications that have developed to this technology is […]

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We launch Agentmile, our first ICO!

More than four months since our first conversations with Wladimir, the CEO of AgentMile, we are proud to say that we launch our first ICO: AgentMile! But, what means ICO and what is our part in this kind of projects? Well, the first point, ICO or Initial Coin Offer is the primary way that blockchain […]

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