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Investment and cryptocurrency video

The past 19th of December 2017, we at Kubide had prepared a humble presentation in Spanish to talk about investment, and the new topic that is in the mouth of every business men at the moment, Cryptocurrency!. To talked a little bit more about this new words that we started to hear more and more […]

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Viivas your new wellbeing APP

What is Viivas all about? Viivas is an App web that anybody can use to get in contact with a specialist group of phycologist. You can use the platform, very easily, by chat or video, and they offer different languages to adjust to their clients expectations.   Why this App? The hectic lifestyle that we […]

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MiceRoots the platform that helps you to create events for your company

MiceROOTS is the custom made development that started back in September 2016. Roots is an international platform based on the M.I.C.E concept (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, and Events). A type of tourism in which large groups, usually planned well in advance, are brought together for a particular purpose. ROOTS provides a marketplace system of promotion and variety of destinations, lighting […]

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The API revolution – PSD2

What is PSD2? PSD2 looks to offer consumers and businesses a simpler way to look after their money, whilst also addressing the growing trend for mobile and online payments. To give an example, if in the current electronic payment the consumer makes a purchase their data have to go through up to 4 different steps to […]

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The Fintech Revolution

What means Fintech? Fintech is the new technology and innovation that aims to compete with traditional financial methods in the delivery of financial services. Today, fintech companies directly compete with banks in most areas of the financial sector to sell financial services and solutions to customers. Mostly due to regulatory reasons and their internal strucutures, banks still […]

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