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Online Marketing Bugs-part 1

At the IT world, a bug is known for being a mistake, error or flaw on the software and hardware. This provoques to the program that doesn’t work correctly. Often bugs are caused by conflicts of the software per se when the application tries to work on tandem. What about the Online Marketing bugs? We […]

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GDPR, adapt your Startup-Pyme business

Previously we started to talk about the chaos this law brought with itself. We talked about the extension and the difficult part for a business. Although this law is being around for a long time, it still cough many companies having to approach this subject with changes and adapt their business on last minute terms. […]

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Traditional Marketing bugs-part 2

At the last post, we started to talk about bugs. And just to remember very fast we said that a bug is a mistake, error or flaw on the software and hardware, known in the IT world. Therefore we started to talk about the most common bugs that we can identify in traditional marketing. But […]

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What is neuromarketing?

Neuromarketing studies the reactions of the brain to certain stimuli. In other words, it consists of trying to “read the mind” of the consumer. Its main objective is to know the levels of attention that people show to different stimuli. Let’s see a small example from the perspective of the consumer, it is likely that […]

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Welcome to the world of ICO

The world of finance has been going through big changes recently. One of the biggest changes in the past couple of years has been the introduction of Initial Coin Offerings. But not surprise that one of the most popular questions has been ‘what is an ICO?’ So, let’s get started!!   What is an ICO? […]

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