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What is a Hybrid Mobile App?

Nowadays, talks about hybrid mobile applications when it comes to having an app, and it is that they are the most used in the development of them, but what is a hybrid mobile application? Well, let’s go! To begin, we explain that hybrid applications are mobile applications designed in a web program language, whether HTML5, […]

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Welcome to the BlueBottleBiz courses

BluebottleBiz has implemented a new function in its platform in which it offers  courses (in Spanish or English) from different providers and the possibility of purchasing access to those courses individually or through a predefined plan to companies (Plan 200). It is an independent platform of business courses that helps companies to provide better learning […]

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Get the currencies for your next trip

Surely, on more than one occasion it has happened to you that you returned from your holidays and you have different currencies, and there comes the question … What do I do with those remaining coins? go to the bank to make the change? Well, today we bring the solution, it is one of our […]

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Online Marketing Bugs- Part 2

On previous articles, we mentioned the meaning of “bugs”. As we know by now, a bug is used in the IT world, to define a mistake or a fault in the system, making the program failing. And so we started to talked about the first four bugs you can have in your marketing online. Therefore, […]

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A project that opens doors to the future

The future has arrived! This expression could be the description of our new project; an idea about the most common present within the financial sector combined with the technology of the most present future. Don`t worry, I know it may seem we are going a little bit crazy in Kubide, but we are not crazy […]

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