We launch Agentmile, our first ICO!

More than four months since our first conversations with Wladimir, the CEO of AgentMile, we are proud to say that we launch our first ICO: AgentMile!

But, what means ICO and what is our part in this kind of projects?

Well, the first point, ICO or Initial Coin Offer is the primary way that blockchain companies use to finance their Startups. The idea behind it is offering their tokens (the digital currency) with a big bounty before the launch of the project itself. It’s in the middle of a Crowdfunding campaign and a traditional IPO.

In this case, we are the tech part of a big project. Our CEO Ángel Luis has been working closely with the CEO of AgentMile to define the Tokenomics (the economic logic behind the tokens structure) and also setting all the tech side of the project, since the structure, scope and roadmap to the audit of the Smart Contract (provide by ICOBox). A hard four months of work that you can see in the landing of AgentMile.

AgentMile will be the world’s first decentralized Commercial Real Estate, CRE, leasing platform. We are creating a suite of features both off-chain and in-chain (inside the Etherum Blockchain) that will give brokers the opportunity to work better, faster and, the most important: secure and trusted.

You will be able to find commercial properties, review the full property history, without the possibility of hacked-changes, but also create Smart Contracts that manage, among others the agreement, insurances, payments, and penalties.


But, this is just the beginning!

Now start the play; we’ll accompany the project during this first stage of the ICO, solving any tech doubt of our user, and helping with the communication, but also preparing the dev-side: analyzing next steps and preparing the team that will develop the full project based on Solidity/Ethereum.

For sure, we aren’t alone! This project has an international crew from Hong Kong to San Francisco with big players like ICOBox or Coin Market Launch and more than 15 people involved. Working to decentralize the future of the Commercial Real State!

Stay tuned! 😉

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