We are pleased to be part of the group of entrepreneurs, companies, and experts in blockchain that forms AETOK, in which its main objective is to promote the creation of projects financed through cryptocurrencies.

The blockchain technology is evolving at an accelerated pace and one of the applications that have developed to this technology is the financing of projects through the issuance of tokens, known as Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

As often happens when there is a change of technological paradigm, technology is developing much faster than regulation, so as usual, it generates a great legal uncertainty for companies that are promoting ICO projects in Spain and the European Union.

For this reason, AETOK proposes a way of working to help consolidate Spain as a pioneering environment in attracting financing by companies, through the use of blockchain technologies.


The objectives of the Association on which its based to promote its development are four:

  • Dialogue with institutions, authorities and supervisors and national and community regulators to develop the regulation of the ICO sector.
  • Preparation of a white paper of ICO that promotes the creation of a regulatory framework that gives legal security to companies and investors.
  • Creation of a self-regulation and a code conduct.
  • Disclosure of knowledge of ICO and tokenization.

We are delighted that Kubide is one of the companies that make this association and above all, we love the fact that we can help all those who want to finance their project through an ICO and don’t know how.

If it’s your case, contact us!


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