A project that opens doors to the future

The future has arrived! This expression could be the description of our new project; an idea about the most common present within the financial sector combined with the technology of the most present future. Don`t worry, I know it may seem we are going a little bit crazy in Kubide, but we are not crazy yet, are we?


Cryptoassets, commonly known as “cryptocurrencies”, have meant the main topic of conversations par excellence about technological environment and entrepreneur ecosystem along this year. Earned fame, not without reasons, for the huge communication media titles; mainly due to its vertiginous increases and decreases in price. Without ever forgetting about the also ironclad governmental irregularity that this subject has, and that so many headaches is supposing for the majority of world governments.


Obviously, against an active environment and a promising technological resource in Kubide, we could not remain remain paralysed. For this reason, and with the help of the venture builder in Pyblock cryptoassets, we present Onyze; our regulated custody platform for cryptoassets.


Onyze arises from the need of institutional investors to keep their investments in “crypto” insured, in a 100% technological, secure and easy to use for all of them.


Its development has been totally focused on the offer of a regulated and easily implementable service, both by multinational companies and by startups with services based on cryptoassets.


At the moment, the service can only be accessed by invitation, which can be requested on the project websiteThat is it all for the now, we will keep you in touch with all the news about Onyze. Don´t hesitate, because there will be.

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