5 steps to turn your idea of Startup into reality

Since Kubide was born, 8 years ago, we have made more than 50 entrepreneur projects; Startups to which we have contributed everything we have learned along the way and to which we owe what we are today.

Do you want to know how we do it? we tell you the formula that we have created and that allows us to turn those business ideas into reality.

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  • Conceptualize the idea in a product
    Areas: Product, Usability and Technology
    Once the idea has been validated, how does it become a final product and fit in the market?
    One of our strengths is to get from the idea to the prototype. On this occasion, the departments of Product, Usability and Technology, together with the entrepreneur, will get down to work, to make as many conceptual sprints as necessary. until obtaining a visual prototype that meets the needs and fits in the market.
  • Project development
    Areas: Product and Technology
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    But, if we differentiate ourselves from the rest, it is because we are true artisans of the code: Experts in the development of APIs, web and mobile, and much more!

    • Plugins and advanced CMS / WordPress settings
    • Creation of CRMs and ERPs, social networks, eCommerce.
    • Big Data Systems, machine learning, expert systems.
    • Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, Solidity, Smart Contracts.
    • Integrations, contests and campaigns with RRSS such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram.
    • Instant messaging, online video calls with WebRTC, integration with Beacons and Bluetooth.
    • Bots for Facebook Messenger, Slack, Telegram, Line, among others.
    • Systems of high availability and scalability.

    Remember, we love challenges!

  • Launching
    Area: Marketing.
    Do you want your Startup to be heard? Count on it!
    We will help you make as much noise as possible with a launch campaign in different media, both offline and online to get the most impact possible at the start of the project.
  • Growth of Startup
    Areas: Product, Marketing and Technology.
    Do you want your Startup to grow? We know how to do it!
    We must not forget one of the most important points that will allow us to increase the growth of our Startups, the measurement of parameters.
    Thanks to her and the different Growth Marketing techniques that we will apply to the project, we will be able to improve ratios and take the project to a higher level!
  • Departure
    Areas: Product, Marketing and Technology.
    Once your project has the guarantees of being able to continue only, we will make the transition as easy and comfortable as possible:
    All our technical work is documented at the DevOps and Code level.
    The same happens with the Marketing and Product part, where you can access a lot of documentation of the work done.
    We can have “in house” to the technical team of the Startup, the necessary time so that it can be formed in the product.
    We can also do mentoring on the work methodologies that we follow in Kubide to be able to follow them in time.
    And as! You can always count on us to help and answer any questions!


But we do not stay here, you can count on us for more things:

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  1. Tech Partner (we want to be your technological partner), with our incorporation to your project, you will be able to complete the Product and Technology areas with an expert team and industry leader.
  2. CTO Interim we will put our technical knowledge, product and business, to the service of the project, you will have an interim CTO that will help you and guide you on the way in the first phases at a much lower cost, and with a partial dedication.
  3. Technological outsourcing, we know that it is not always feasible to have the equipment we want from the beginning, so from Kubide we offer the options of technological outsourcing so you can scale the technological leg according to your needs.


We will help you in everything necessary so that this part is not a problem in the first bars of the project.

So, don’t hesitate, and talk to us!


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